The 10th Mountain Div Pack
MM82 Patrolling The Gothic Line North of San Marcello, Italy, 13 January 1945. Newly arrived American troops patrol in deep snow. 7.5 Turns.
MM83 Riva Ridge Mount Cappel Buso, Riva Ridge, Italy, 18/19 January 1945. First major attack of the 10th Mountain in an exciting assault in difficult terrain. 7.5 Turns.
MM84 Mount Belvedere Mount Belvedere, Italy, 19-20 February 1945. The Americans begin their attack at night against dug-in Germans on the Mount Belvedere – Mount della Torracia ridgeline. Part one of four interconnected scenarios. 9 Turns.
MM85 Hill 1088 Mt. Belvedere - Mt. della Torraccia Ridgeline, 20 February 1945. The Americans continue their attack from Mount Belvedere toward Mount della Torraccia. Part two of four interconnected scenarios. 10 Turns.
MM86 Mount Della Torraccia Mount della Torraccia, 24 February 1945. The Americans make their final, successful assault against Mount della Torraccia. Part three of four interconnected scenarios. 9 Turns.
MM87 Gebirsjäger & Mountaineers Mount della Torraccia, 24-25 February 1945. British paratroopers rush to defend crucial defensive positions around their landing zones from a rapid German response. 9 Turns.
MM88 A Medal For G Company North of Monte della Spe, Italy, 14 April 1945. The Americans are attacking in this scenario where the division won its only Medal of Honor in WW2. 6 Turns.
MM89 Task Force Darby Villafranca Airport, Italy, 24 April 1945. American 10th Mountain Troops are racing north toward the Alps, mopping up German stragglers in one of the last offensives of WW2. 6 Turns.
$16, Shipping Included
During March Madness 2021, Dave presented the idea to develop a scenario pack focused on his father’s unit – the 10th Mountain Division. We immediately loved the idea and soon after the tournament ended, the research and scenario designs began! As a bonus link to us in Kansas, the late Senator Robert Dole also served in the 10th Mountain Division in Italy.

As will soon be seen, this pack will test players’ knowledge and skills associated with Chapter E. Night and snow are prevalent, to include use of OBA. You can thank the 10th Mountain Division for this (!), as they made their major assaults on Riva Ridge and the Mount Belvedere massif at night. We include several smaller, quick-playing scenarios to provide a good range of options.

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