The Commissar Pack
MM25 Futile Bravery Smolensk, Russia 16 July, 1941. Commissars lead a counter attack in an urban city to recapture a bridge.
MM26 Gallant Mogilev Mogilev, Russia 21 July, 1941. German infantry attack through the city to capture a bridge and break the Russian defenses.
MM27 Odessa Madness Vakarzhany Village, Ukraine 3 September, 1941. German assault engineers attack with Romanian allies to capture a fortified village.
MM28 Sonderkommando Benesch Saaremaa Island, Estonia 14 September, 1941. Germans commandos attack Russian defenses to destroy naval gun battery.
MM29 Sorve Point Sorve Peninsula, Saaremaa Island, Estonia 23 September, 1941. German force attacks a strongly fortified peninsula on a Baltic island.
MM30 Frozen Vzvad Vzvad, Russia 10 January, 1942. A strong Russian force attacks a fortified German village in the depth of winter.
MM31 Sevastopol By Sea Inkerman, Crimea 29 June, 1942. The Germans attempt a night landing to capture the high ground from the Russians.
MM32 Winter Forest Bryansk Forest, near Rudnya, Russia 10 December, 1942. German battle group attacks into a forest to find and capture the Partisan camp.
$15, Shipping Included
This year's March Madness pack theme is Commissars. This unique SMC can be used by the Russian player as per rule A25.22. The use of Commissars by the Soviets goes back to the very beginning of the Red Army in 1918 during the Russian Civil War. The Red Army needed officers and recruited the officer corps from the Czar's army. However, they did not trust the old imperial officers and assigned loyal communist party officials as counterparts to every commander throughout the organization. In practice this gave the communist party total control over the Red Army and made sure there was no counter revolutionary activity within the Red Army during the civil war.

In ASL terms commissars give unique rally capabilities to the Russian player. But watch out...if units fail to rally there are consequences. Commissars had the ability to execute soldiers in the field for failure of duty. We have developed eight scenarios that all use commissars. We hope you enjoy these unique battles and this unique SMC. As usual for Kansas City Club designs many scenarios are medium to large in size and have unique battlefield conditions. The designs are all from Dan Best but as usual the team added to the design process during play testing to make the scenarios better and more enjoyable to play. Paul Works kept us straight on the rules and Rick Reinesch did the scenario layout and pack cover design.

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