Hollis Pack
MM33 Yevpatoriya Mop Up Yevpatoriya, Crimea 6 January, 1942. The Germans counterattack a Soviet diversionary landing on the Crimea.
MM34 Eliminating The LVR Murowana Oszmianka, Poland 13 May, 1944. Polish partisans (AK) attack the 301st Lithuanian volunteer defense battalion (LVR).
MM35 Rooting Them Out Kansas City, KS, USA, present day. The German SS arrive to root out a small but dedicated group of ASL players holed up at the Hollis Center.
MM36 Ninety Night Cassibile, Sicily 10 July, 1943. No. 3 Commando races to capture an Italian battery opposing the Operation Husky landings.
MM37 Bicycle Race St. Aubin-d’Arquenay 6 June 1944. Commando No. 6 has to push past German resistance in an attempt to relieve Pegasus Bridge.
MM38 Final Victory Warsaw, Poland 20 August 1944. Polish partisans (AK) during the Warsaw uprising look to capture the 11-story PAST telephone exchange building.
MM39 Ochota Revenge Warsaw, Poland 9 August 1944. RONA troops of the Kaminski Brigade are ordered to attack the Polish partisan (AK) redoubts of Kaliska and Wawelska.
MM40 10th Panzer Takes The High Ground East of El Guettar, Tunisia, 26 March, 1943. Advance elements of the German 10th Panzer attempt to recapture Hill 772 from the Americans.
MM41 The 9th Sees The Elephant East of El Guettar, Tunisia, 28 March, 1943. U.S forces advance against Italian positions in support of operations against the Mareth line.
MM42 Ariete On Totensonntag South of Sidi Rezegh, Libya, 23 November, 1941. Italian armored forces counterattack Commonwealth forces during Operation Crusader.
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This Pack is a tribute to the HQ of the Kansas City ASL Club...the Hollis Renewal Center. The Club has been playing monthly game days at the Hollis Center since 2013. Hollis is a non-profit Christian retreat center affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) open to all seeking a time of retreat and renewal. Located in a peaceful little valley with hiking trails and other places for quiet reflection, Hollis is a great place to play ASL.

In 2016, the Club held the March Madness ASL Tournament at Hollis and three separate ASL Camp Events, where we play ASL two or three days in a row. We created an ASL map of Hollis and its buildings and developed a fun scenario to play. All the scenarios in this pack were play tested at Hollis during Club game days.

The nine other scenarios in the pack run are great fun. There are three great Partisan actions, three Desert scenarios, two commando scenarios and two night games. All scenarios are designed by club members. We would like to thank our play testers and proof readers for their help making these scenarios better and more fun to play. The Pack is published by Encircled Productions, LLC, a non-profit company that supports the Kansas City ASL Club and March Madness ASL Tournament. Thank you for supporting our efforts! 
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