Three-Player Pack
MM68 Oliwa’s Escape Near Kowel, Poland, 10 April 1944. Polish Partisans attempt to escape past German and Soviet forces.
MM69 Marsch Rückkämpfer Near Pripyat Marshes, 28 June 1944. Remnants of Army Group Center attempt to make their escape through Soviet and Partisan units.
MM70 Vilnius Breakout Vilnius, Lithuania, 13 July 1944. German troops attempt to break out of Vilnius through Soviet and Partisan units.
MM71 The Brits Lend A Hand: Foy-notre Dame Foy-Notre Dame, Belgium, 25 December 1944. British and American units attempt to cut off lead German elements during the Battle of the Bulge - Part I.
MM72 The Brits Lend A Hand: Boisselles Foy-Notre Dame, Belgium, 25 December 1944. Following up on their success at Foy-notre Dame, British and American crush Kamfgouppe Böhm during the Battle of the Bulge.
MM73 Guerillas In The Mist Mt. Mutumbo, Belgian Congo, 1 June 1941. Ahistorical scenario depicting Italian-Partisam-Congelese battle in the heart of Africa.
$15, Shipping Included
The Kansas City ASL Club and Encircled Productions welcomes you to our first pack dedicated to 3-player scenarios. Due to the pandemic, it has been hard to play-test, but we have done our best using Skype, VASL, and even braving some in-person meetings. While not perfect, (our estimation) we promise it is our best work under the circumstances in a difficult year. We pledge to continue playing the scenarios and publishing any updates/edits on our website and on ASL Scenario Archive website ( We hope this pack adds to a growing collection of 3-player scenarios for when you have three dedicated players, your fourth drops out on game day, or even organizing a 3-player round-robin tournament!

We have also included a list of already published scenarios that are dedicated 3-player or can easily be adapted to 3-player. These scenarios are unique in that they have different victory conditions for each side and the three-player turn track gives two opportunities for Rally, Defensive Fire, Rout, and Close Combat between your own player turns. This, we found, requires some clever tactical thinking.

This pack's action picks up with three scenarios featuring Partisans, Germans and Soviets. The pack includes a unique two-part scenario by designer Paul Works; the scenarios can be played separately or in sequence, with rules for both options on the scenario card. Finally, there is an ahistorical scenario, taking place in the heart of Africa. Publishing an ahistorical scenario is a bit of a departure for us, but we cannot wait until we do our Captain America vs. Red Skull Pack (just kidding).

We hope you find these scenario enjoyable and you bail some hay on your own. As always we thank our team of dedicated play testers who run through our designs and refine the contest to something playable and winnable by all sides.
SSR 1. EC are Ground Snow (E3.72) with no wind at start. The river on Board 40 does not exist, treat as Level 0 Open Ground. Place overlays as follows: OG4 on 63X10/Y10; OG5 on 16G10/H9; B4 on 16K9/K10; G4 on 40O4/P4; and Hi3 on 33N4/O5. All hexes on Overlay Hi3 are considered out-of-season orchards (players may consider placing shellholes (or BFP-provided orchards) on those hexes as a reminder).

The Encircled Productions Team apologizes for the necessary errata. We strive to minimize errors, but at times they occur. Please see the Scenario Archive as an additional source.
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