The Very Best of March Madness Pack, Vol 1
PP03 Ukrainian Mutiny Near Auschwitz, Poland, 4 July 1943. German SS take on the Ukrainian SS.
PP04 Partisan Fight Near Przebraze, eastern Galacia, 6 July 1943. Soviet partisans and Polish partisans fight it out.
PP05 Hot Zemlyankas! East of Angara, Crimea, 2 January 1944. Romanians sweep the forests in search of partisan Zemlyankas or dugouts.
PP06 Sturmwind On The Spot Osuchy, Poland, 25 June 1944. Germans sweep through an encircled area in search of Polish partisans.
PP08 No Simple Victory Kurylowka, Poland, 7 May 1945. The Soviets are battling Polish partisans near the end of WW2.
MM03 The Jews Have Guns Warsaw Ghetto, Poland, 19 April 1943. Battles in the Warsaw Ghetto during the uprising.
MM04 Is Paris Burning? Paris, France, 23 August 1944. French partisans battle German forces on the streets of Paris.
MM09 Old Child Harbor Oudeschild, Netherlands, 6 April 1945. The Georgians attempt a mutiny against the Germans on Texel Island.
MM11 Kriegsmarine At De Koog De Koog, Netherlands, 8 April 1945. Germans attempt to suppress the mutiny by Georgians on Texel Island.
MM12 Texel Airport Vlijt Airport, Netherlands, 14 April 1945. Germans attempt to suppress the mutiny by Georgians on Texel Island.
MM13 Texel Lighthouse De Cocksdorp, Netherlands, 22 April 1945. The Germans attempt to eliminate the last Georgian stronghold on Texel Island.
MM15 Crossroads At Suxy Suxy, Belgium, 11 May 1940. The French throw in calvary units in attempt to stop the advancing Germans during the invasion of France.
MM16 Eve Of Destruction Oktiabr’skii State Farm, west of Prokhorovka, Russia, 11 July 1943. The Germans SS take on elements of the 9th Russian Airborne Div during Operation Citadel.
MM17 Busting The Bocage Vicinity of St. Martin de-Tallevende, France, 6 August 1944. The Germans attempt to stem the American advance near Vire.
MM24 Fort IX Warsaw, Poland, 26 September 1939. The Germans attempt to take out Fort IX in Poland during the advance on Warsaw.
$15, Shipping Included
Welcome to the Best of March Madness volume 1 (hopefully). This pack is an attempt to get our old scenarios to a wider audience in the ASL community. All of these scenarios are from packs that were released to a limited audience. The 15 scenarios are from four packs released for our March Madness ASL tournament.

Five scenarios are from the Partisan Pack, released in 2009. There are two small scenarios and three large; all contain engagements with Partisans fighting in Europe. One scenario is a good primer on caves and another on bunkers. The other three scenarios are all about movement. Two scenarios are from the follow-on Irregular Forces pack. Both scenarios are good street fights with Partisan troops. Keep in mind the Partisan advantage of movement in an urban setting for some interesting possibilities of a good counterattack. The next four scenarios are from the Texel Pack. This entire pack is a primer on fortifications. The big rule to keep in mind for this pack is both sides have panzerfausts, which pack a punch in the scenario if your opponent is in a pillbox, building or behind a wall. The last four scenarios are from our Double-Blind Pack. The scenarios have been converted to regular format for this pack with a slight change to the VC. These four have a great diversity of actions and are all large in size. The actions are a great mix with one scenario providing some heavy metal action.

We hope you enjoy these scenarios and they get some good play. 
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